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Classic Set $100+  Fill $60+

Hybrid Set $140+  Fill $80+

Volume Set $180+  Fill $100+

Lash Removal $40+

Lash Cleaning $10​

*Fills occur 2-3 weeks from last appointment. Any longer is considered a new set.*

Before your appointment:​

  1. Set aside enough time for your appointment. New guests will take around 2.5 hours for a full set and 1.5 hours for a fill.

  2. DO NOT wear any makeup.

  3. Avoid wearing contact lens.

At home care:​

  1. Avoid getting your new lashes wet for 6-8 hours.

  2. Brush lashes daily.

  3. Do NOT rub eyes or pull on the lashes.

  4. No mascara (you won't need it!) and try to use oil free products and tear free cleanser around the eyes.

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After years of cosmetology, I have decided to step into something a little different...Lashes! Book with me for a one stop glam, from hair to lashes!

Salon Manager, Master Stylist & Lash Artist

Not Currently Booking Lash Appointments

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